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Hi. Is anyone familiar with the company Classic Sports Collectibles out of New Jersey? I do not think it is in operation anymore and could find no info about who owned it, or discussions on this site. Thanks.

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It was a small business if it even was one at all. If you're talking about an item with a COA from them, that COA wouldn't carry any weight whatsoever.

Thanks Rich. I figured since you could not read the signature and the business is closed.

I found this forged Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays photo with a Classic Sports Collectibles COA.

I have never observed one authentic autograph with that worthless COA.

Here's another piece-of-crap forged Mickey Mantle from that worthless COA.

These are forgeries with a COA from Classic Sports Collectibles.

Here's another forged Mantle with that worthless COA.

Here's another piece-of-crap forgery.

Here is more garbage with that worthless COA.

I'm reading the book Operation Bullpen and I swear, so many forgeries of Mickey Mantle look so on point! I've never seen or heard about any celebrity having forgeries that are this good.

Look at this article on PSA's website:


The autograph on the cover photo is authentic, but so many forgeries look so similar to it :(

I research certain autographs on ebay daily, a few examples being Streisand, Eastwood, Bourdain, and I agree that the forgers (at least some of them) are highly skilled. I've said this before on this forum and will repeat: I believe there is a kind of cartel of thieves on ebay who market forgeries on an industrial scale. This is in addition to the usual group of ebay thieves. My guess is that they obtain their forged material from a kind of  forgeries warehouse with one or only a few very highly skilled forgers. Hey, it's an acquired skill, some will be better than others, and it should come as no surprise that some have literally become expert.

Excellent comment, BGK.

Appreciate the reply, Yony.

The Mantle forgeries "look so spot on" to those who don't know autographs.

Forgeries are meant to "have the appearance" of looking authentic, and that's all it takes for them to sell.

The forgery industry is bigger today than it was during the Operation Bullpen era.

People discovered just how easy it is to sell forgeries; print a COA from your home computer and you're in business.

It's 2023 and people still have this notion that Ebay filters out the forgeries; nothing could be further from the truth.


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