Hey Gang...I know you've been waiting for this...Coach's Corner results....Some of THE rarest

autographs in the world sold last night...hold on to your hats kids...

Beatles signed baseball-$63.00

Beatles signed baseball-$77.00


Sitting Bull-$44.00

Annie Oakley & Buffalo Bill-$58.00

Joe DiMaggio & Marilyn Monroe-$58.00

John Wilkes Booth-$35.00

John Hancock-$81.00


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Only from Scott Malack and Lee Trythall.

It's amazing that they're still in operation!!!

So sad...

$400 of pure profit, unless one of the pens ran out of ink while forging and they had to run out and buy another one.

I do wonder how many of those were no-sales. In how many instances their shill bid wins. 

I trust the Geronimo and Sitting Bull were also on baseballs.....

The Geronimo would have went for a couple bucks more if he had sweet spotted it.

Still waiting for a baseball signed by Jesus....

Never happen. Chief Crazy Horse always hogs the sweet spot for himself on Indian's baseballs.

*ALL* the facepalms in the world aren't enough...

Gotta be real. They all come with COA's....




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