I'm looking to buy a couple of Coldplay autos. Both from eBay sellers who claim to have obtained in person (100% feedback and thousands of sales). I'm a huge Coldplay fan...

Posting all photos here, would appreciate any advice from anyone. Also -- if anyone is looking to offload a Coldplay auto -- please message me I've been searching for years and have not been able to get a legit auto for a price that I can afford.... :( 

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no good on both of these. so many fakes out there for coldplay. only a handful of legit ones and they are in the thousands. i have two but not parting with them. sorry . 

Thanks for your response!

ah so sad. What are the giveaways on these? 


theres never a loop in chris martin first hump from the c to begin with. look at my examples to see the many off stuff. too much to explain 

Well the seller has agreed for me to try and get it fully authenticated and will pay fees regarding it. Have it in writing on eBay.. Seller has 100% feedback with 17,000+ reviews. I'm gonna gamble with it and see what happens. If it comes back inauthentic he said he'll accept the return. 

ebay has to refund you either way so don’t worry as long as you do it within time frame. they protect the buyers more than sellers. 

and if it fails he will pay the 100 bucks for each one or do you eat that loss?i i don’t care if jsa passes or whoever passes it. it’s fine for resale but if i were keeping it i wouldn’t buy it but that’s just me. the first one is way off. see what others think but i don’t like em. please keep us posted if it passes . thanks and good luck!!

He said he is willing to pay the fees because he got the autos in person himself about 18 years ago or so (the album). 

The tour book is from a different seller and I'm still waiting on the PSA QuickOpinion. I agree with you it looks like the second one is much more believable. 

I guess we'll see I'll definitely keep you posted! Thanks for all your advice. I'm really trying to obtain a legit Coldplay auto because they're my favorite band and it's so frustrating out there! 

Don't buy on a Quick Opinion IMO.

I'd ask Brian how the one supposed to be 18 years old compares with known exemplars from that period.

so you are saying the first one is definitely good? looks def no good to me. i’d pass on it but that’s just me 

I suggest if you want one that is guaranteed to pass authentication; buy it already authenticated. It costs more but will save you wasted time and money. PSA cost $125 plus shipping both way. Likely cost $160-$175 all together.




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