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Seen more of these around lately supposedly thrown out of his hotel window in Europe. What do the members think?   Real or forgeries?


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Ok that's cool. I just think when it comes to MJ we should keep it on the music side of him.


Barry-MJ fan

With HIS HIStory, (pun intended), I wouldnt want to touch that!! More seriously though, with death always come the forgers, and in a legends' case, more so.

The only way I'd accept an autograph done, or supposedly done, by someone who has passed away before, is if a member of the person's family or estate is giving it to me as a GIFT. It's happened to me once before, when Vicky LaMotta's son Harrison was kind enough to send me a check signed by her, but it has happened.  


I really dont comment on jackson because if I speak my mind I know I will get "stick", but signed  bedsheets/pillow case ?  Cmon , I hope they cant be real.


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