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Not authentic.

I am curious as to why you think it isn't authentic. 

Hey Joe....On sites like of the lease in my that you don't like to get specific about what is right or wrong about a certain autograph because by pointing out different things that are wrong...can help a forger fix his mistakes. It's happened quite a bit.

The reason I picked these up is that I was seeing a lot of consistencies in the writing as it appears on a lot of known authentic pieces.  It makes me curious how much of this stuff is deemed unauthentic that could very well be. I picked these up based off a lot of reasons. I think at the end of the day if the person spending the money believes it to be real then that's all that really matters. The only person who knows for sure if its real is the person who signed it and the person who asked for the signature. That person is the only one that really benefited from the experience IMO. I have read posts of people meeting an artist and having items signed in person only to be told later by experts it isn't real. I think when it comes to Beatles people do not want to be liable for deeming something real unless A. there is a great story behind it or B. Everyone else seems to agree. With a 6% authentication rate for Beatles memorabilia I would assume that's pretty safe to assume that considering they signed so many things over the years that one of the band members refuses to even do it anymore. 

Very poor formations and overcooked age appearance. Poor quality forgeries.

If you spend some time studying authentic examples, you’ll see that these are obvious forgeries that appear to be in the same hand. There are incorrect letter formations and the shape of each signature is off.

do you know of any forgeries that look like mine?

Why? This is an obvious fake. You think it genuine, the honus is on you - why is it possibly genuine?

I don’t believe so, but I’d have to check my file.

Thank you. Are you aware of any forgeries for set-lists? 

I don’t recall any offhand, but again I’d have to check. I’m sure there are others.

Check out Mercari user Beatlesmostly. He sells tons of pathetic Beatles autograph forgeries on his page



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