Alright. This comes from a person I trust highly. Which is important with daisy Ridley autographs. But still any extra opinions would be appreciated.

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If it's real, it's a very rushed autograph. However, she uses more than just basically a line to finish off her autograph.
That's what I thought. However the seller is a person who collects his all in person. And we know how sloppy her signature can be. Thought I'd just throw it out there. See what people thought. So thanks
That's her ip in the street graph she started doin that around tfa launch

i thought so, ive been looking at others taken around the same time from the streets, bang on, all very rushed, sloppy, but it's still her signature and legit. Thanks for the helps guys. Might just wait and pick up her full signature at a later date if possible

I don't know her "street" autograph, but sounds like that's it. I can definitely tell "D" and "a" resemble her style. I may just have to end up forking over the $300 that seems to be the going rate for a sit-down full sig autograph because I'm a huge fan. Disney and/Or Abrams could not have picked a better heroine for the new installments of Star Wars. I will say Abrams hit a grand-slam with her. She played the role flawlessly. And she seems so genuine and nice in interviews. In my mind, she also is the best-looking young female movie-star in the world. She has a real charm about her.

i completely agree pal, great casting choice, and it's going to cost a lot to get her full sit down signature, but that should hold it's value!

I would agree with that - the sit down signature she did at the signing last year are worth the extra few bucks. The lower quality racker signatures, in addition to being easier to mimic by forgers, generally don't seem to be priced accordingly. The sit down signatures strike me as an unquestionably better value.

Jump into Star Wars Autograph Universe on Facebook book Andy Luk and Steve Grad has been doing private signings with her over the past year and there is one next week in Florida

ahh okay, thanks for the info

You can get a decent deal on a full Daisy Ridley signed photo on Steiner Sports right now. They are offering an additional 20% already discounted prices.

cheers for the info, i will have to check it out



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