Neon Nights 20 7cd box set + put the needle on it signed bonus cd:

First 1,000 orders will receive a numbered Promo CD Single of Put The Needle on it, signed by Dannii.

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Thank you. Not for everyone but instant purchase for me. 

Does the fact the signed edition is not mentioned mean this has sold out ?

Yes looks like it's gone

I don't think this one is signed

It was, managed to snag one. Unfortunately the description has now changed.

I ordered this as soon as it said "First 1000 orders" but it seems like they don't like us international people!

NOPE no autograph! I just got it today, and nothing but the CD set!

It's a good thing I jumped in on the Neon Nights double CD and autographed poster back in 2018 (from Pledgemusic, not the same site). 

I'm in Canada and I got the signed CD, maybe you should write them to see if they missed it in your order

When did you receive it?  Mines literally came yesterday!  I’ll definitely write to them because I made it before the change.  Release date was on June 16, I just have this feeling that they forgot my order and just sent what was leftover.

I received mine yesterday too

Update- I just received an email saying, “Only items that were in stock were shipped. When stock is depleted, there will not be any more. Sorry for any inconvenience.”

I guess I’m not going to try that again!  I wasted $62 ($43+. $19 shipping)!   It’s always a gamble with foreign shipping, because it would be a pain to ship it back, if they run out of stock. 


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