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A thousand thanks!

Thank you so much! 

Got one, thank you! Finally a smart purchase limit to check these damn resellers.

Use Racc20 to get 20% off here as well!

I totally forgot about the code. I just wanted to make sure I could get one lol. 

Thanks -- ordered one, just in case Barnes and Noble messes up.

Do you think that will happen ? I hope not didn’t get this as thought I was safe with Barnes :(

I personally dont see that happening, FWIW. Barnes and Noble is huge and has been fulfilling signed orders successfully for years. Why would they suddenly drop the ball on Grohl? 

Oh i have been burned with signed books at bn a couple of times when i have pre-ordered.. they are far from perfect

Not looking good then :( 

im sure if they were cancelling they would of by now 

I received my signed copy from BAM last week.. I am all good!

My opinion? I think B&N will probably pull through. I just hope it's not like what happened to Indigo customers. 



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