Hi there. any opinions on this Bowie would be greatly appreciated.

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I do not like it - looks like it wrote someone right-handed. Attempting  in "B" is not that bad but look at floops and "5" - I believe left-handed would broke his hand to do something like this. :-) but wait for Mark and Eric.

Thanks Sara.

Dont like it..

Screamin' forgery. Even the numerals are awful.

Thank you all for your help, I guess that's unanimous then :)

Anytime, David. Here are three authentic April 1995 Bowie signatures. The one on top I sold myself to a fellow member. There are both "Open B" and "Closed"B" examples.

Click for full image:

Yes I can see there is a certain 'flourish' (for want of a better word) missing from it .and the numbers definitely, great advice from all of you.

Sorry to be controversial but this signed page at the top has been authenticated by Roger Epperson, it is of course 100% fake as everybody on here has worked out...

Can we see the Epperson cert Mark? It is So obviously not Bowie's hand.

Is seller showing that Epperson cert? It would not be firts item with cert from Rogers I've seen with oblivious fake. Question is if cert is real or not. 

I just checked and it does say authenticated by Roger Epperson but I remember asking them about an item from a few months ago that it's just an email authentication without a certificate, I'm sure Roger would have flagged  it as a fake as You guys were unanimous. I will ask them for a copy if the or otherwise.

Hi all,

No Paul at Omega  uses Roger for quick opinions prior to putting them in the auction. Paul by the way is one of the best  and straightest auctioneers in the UK so no question about his integrity. The thing that REALLY worries me is Roger has given this his blessing and I am sorry (Us Brits always apologise) but this will sell for mega money and it is 100% NOT genuine.



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