Eric (and other Bowie watchers with a good eye), what do you make of this signed edition of Pin Ups?

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Hi Mark,

Of course, you know I have more experience with 1976 and on. First and immediate impression was not good. Some odd characteristics and not-so-typical formations etc. in more then a few ways to me. It looks a bit unevenly executed & unbalanced. Appears a tad fresh.

I have been seeing an increasing number of these sorts of signatures, in about 3-4 styles and of single and full names, from 1973-1974 over the last months (some back further), with and without inscriptions, and many with papers of this sort or that. I see some patterns now, but I am not done evaluating them yet. I just know something seems odd with them. As this LP is atypical, to me anyway, and is in of one of those styles, I will prudently and withdraw to consider and look at more.

What do you think?

The fake example at the top is currently on ebay UK with a very low starting price.

"...The fake example at the top is currently on ebay UK with a very low starting price..."

$127.50? That's a bit...optimistic! I saw another signed sleeve, one I had a problem with about 2 years ago here in discussion. That sold a few months ago, also with papers - for $300. Says a lot. 

Anybody bring this up with Roger since it has his COA?

Thanks for the quick response Eric.

This person is selling these LPs in UK auction houses. They are ending up at about £2000 each. They are no more than a half decent attempt but they are getting away with it.

As you rightly spotted there are several flaws. Here's the genuine one he copied directly from (choosing to leave the more "difficult words out").

Mmm. Yes, thanks. That genuine does...exactly what the others do not. ;)

Here is the original genuine Hunky Dory that sold in 2014

And then then the fake one sold a few months ago - same person as the Pin Ups -  appalling

Here is a David Bowie. Signed on March 17, 1973.

Yes that is a good one

do you have links to these forgery sellers?

Hi Goodcat

No links - this forger sells to UK auction houses, then people buy them and sell on eBay. I have seen another 8 or so items from him/her and they are always on the classic 70's Bowie LP's. The current seller of the Pin Ups on eBay UK doesn't seem to dabble in fakery on the other items sold so may be unsuspecting - they got the COA  earlier this month.

I have a feeling this will go for a similar amount as the recent genuine Diamond Dogs that sold for £1400. I hope it doesn't but fear it will.


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