Hello everyone,

I will be very pleased if you give me your views for this David Bowie autograph. 

Thank you for time to everyone who will reply :-)

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Forgery from Florida in my files for SOME time. Is it $450 or so? Seller RD something? Stay away. This forgery was signed at the "correct" angle, but you have shown it sideways. 

This is the image from my files - from June 2017. It looks "good" but it is certainly a forgery:

Seller is: https://www.ebay.com/usr/rd421smith2012

Billy Smith from Florida (formerly of Walls of Fame Autographs

I wouldn't buy ANYTHING from him.

Thanks, sadly I bought it a two month ago as I was sure it is original :-(

Agree with Bruce and Eric - unfortunately you have bought a forgery (which to many people looks real).

If it was through ebay you have 4 months to claim back through paypal. When substantiating your claim use this site as evidence, as people here have successfully done before.

Good luck in getting your money back Sara.

Yes it was. I will do a claim, but seller I does not look happy and dont believe it is forgery so I guess it will be hard. But thank you for your help. No one is more sad than me right now. 

That is absolutely a forgery - certain. I have it in my files, listed since last year and probably longer. That seller, who sold it last summer, is renown for forgery of Bowie and even Gleason. I have been watching him for a long time. You also say you paid $250 for that. You can not expect to buy a signed photo of David Bowie for that price - it is much too low. This, and that it keeps getting resold, should tell you enough. Please, look at the site I linked - Mark G and I have contributed to that wonderful guide - it will help you and also give you an idea of value etc.  

Here is another one from the original source of what you have. It is also a forgery. It is also the same hand.

Seller was a girl. Not as mentioned bellow. Are you absolutely sure it is fake? Thank you, I have to try to solve it as I bought it (for 250)

Sorry guys I bother you, but If I actually solve it, I need more views for this too. I think about it it's not original but will be glad for more info. 

As you can see, I was very unlucky. I bought 4 autograph of my beloved Bowie in the past. And now it seems all are forgeries (about two I am sure, actually got money back) the rest are those two. 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

That is a very poor forgery :( I really urge you to seek opinions here before buying anything and make full use of the site I linked. I will be only to happy to help you find a genuine Bowie and give opinions. I buy and sell him on occasion. Mark G is also invaluable with Bowie. I don;t see a second.



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