Opinions welcomed on this please.

many thanks 


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Hi Mark,

I don't like this one despite knowing where it is from. Everything appears there but some forms and spatial relations (large/odd) between loops and lines make me nervous. I also wonder if it was done by a right handed person with the start of that "B". The whole things seems slow, deliberate and legible to me - esp the numerals and stroke starts and trail-offs. The backstroke at the end of the paraph seems..last minute or added? I can't tell but doesn't look smooth. Not for me.

This is why this man is SO difficult...

Mark, you are saying the OP is genuine? The 1995 Chertavian signature is rather different, "B" included. Smooth, fast and rather tightly constructed.I find the Chertavian sigs to be anomalous to his normal '95 sigs - the break and the separate "o" and sometimes separate paraph.

One of Andy's in persons below. He could never sell it because nobody would believe it.

That IP looks better than the OP to me!

I just looked again at all the '96's and this seems out of place. The 1996's seem loose, tight and not as neat as the OP. The OP seems elongated vertically with a "B" (handling of bottom) not typical from those shown alongside it. I have seen the start hook on the "B" but this looks like a mushroom (side to side)."B" top. Overall, it just seems slow with much there but some relationships I don't necessary like. I would have to pass.

Cheers E.

Hey again,

Not trying to throw you off - just adding what I see to answer your request for opinions. I expected to see it at the site, but looking for it made it stand out a bit odd with the others. Let us know what you conclude :) If it was a sit down unrushed sig...

What sort of inks was Bowie fond of using in an in office sit down signing in these years? Just curious.

Hi Mark, looking from the phone but in my eyes looks good. What makes you unsure? 

Hi S, It's one I've been offered privately, Andy liked it and it comes with an Isolar comp slip which Corinne's pa signed in 1996. Eric's thrown me a bit but I do know the source (original collector) well. Tough this hobby, isn't it?



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