Hi guys,
What do you think? Are those two Bowie items legit? Unfortunately the first picture is rather small. It's the "Live in New York" photo book published in 2003.

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First is real. The second I dont like but... Wait for Eric. :-) 

Both are 100% genuine


I agree with both Eric and Mark

both authentic

This is blazingly authentic. Superb. The first, the book, is a monster.

I must say I find the second atypical.

Hi Eric,
That's what made me a bit doubtful about it. Nevertheless you still think it's genuine, don't you?

Hello Florian,

I am better with 1976-1980 - these later dates not so much. I see something I don't like so I would pass - others will disagree. But that book is superb.

AKA it is authentic, I just don't like it for me.

Both fantastic items!

Thanks a lot for your responses. The book looked good to me from the get go, but I was a bit uncertain about the second one. 

Me too. I am not too good as Mark and Eric but from first moment I do not like it some how. 




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