This is on eBay right now with 13 bids. This is disgusting and has completely impeached the credibility of PSA. What a complete and utter sham failure.

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This is just yet another example of terrible “authentication”. James Spence blew it again. He and his experts authenticated the signature of Richard O Linke. Andy Griffith did not sign that photo.... yet the experts that people depend upon say he did. 

Yet another “authenticated” signature that is worthless.

Hi Doctor Loomis,

Can you show some genuine exemplars of Andy?

Yessir I’ll get on it.....

These two PSA signatures are genuine. These are the only slabbbed index card Griffith exemplars that I’ve ever seen.

These two Griffith signed cards look like his hand…in my humble opinion

This signature of Griffith is genuine. Most photos like these are of course signed by Richard Linke... like the one in this thread that was certified by James Spence.

The ICM photo looks good also….in My humble opinion.

Absolutely troubling! I'm one of the people that rely heavily on the 3 major authenticators, if not for an authenticated item that I'm interested in purchasing, but also for comparison purposes for items that aren't authenticated. I try finding 'Witnessed' authenticated items for comparing signatures but I'm not always able to find genuine examples, and this is why it is so troubling. Eventually the fakes are going to take over the hobby even more than it is presently because folk's aren't going to know if they are making comparison's to genuine signature's. Hopefully these major authenticator's get control of the mishaps!   

For further information, if you see a signed photo of Griffith as Sheriff Andy Taylor it’s almost certain to be no good. Also, most of his signed photos include the phrase “Thank You”.

Wow!  For such a nice loving person on TV (TAGS), it sounds like he wasn't too outgoing in real life.  

Griffith was notorious for not being friendly. He valued privacy and wanted to be left alone.



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