Posting this here so we don't have to keep going into a Kiss thread for Def Leppard.

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Crossing fingers and toes!

Right there with you, missed it.

Missed this, damn time zones. Anybody get a spare?

I missed it also I work nights was sleeping hopefully they cancel the orders of people who ordered a ton of them and limit it like 2 so real fans of them can actually have a chance at owning their autographs for an affordable price 

Here’s hoping guys 

US only :-(

Thanks ordered

Awsome! Thank you for update just got one!

Got one too! Thanks!! Are they limiting these? Doesn’t seem to have a limit in descriptions 

My guess is when people ordered a lot of them their orders were cancelled and these are the ones from that I could be wrong though but it makes sense 

I just looked again and yeh it doesn't look like there is a limit again so I don't know  I just got 1 I hope as many def leopard fans as possible can get one and not the flippers 



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