Posting this here so we don't have to keep going into a Kiss thread for Def Leppard.

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Will these be signed CD-sized inserts or LP-size? Looks like they are signing 12 x 12 size in the video.

They video was probably for the vinyls. But other than that you know as much as everyone else.

Its weird how the video shows everyone signing but Rick Allen.. but then the close-up shot of the insert shows autographs from everyone but Rick Savage. Im sure all 5 signed but wish they would have shown a completed insert on the video.. im really excited for this and can't wait to have it in my hands.. ill probably be listening to their discography again all summer. I might also pick up a t-shirt and rip off the sleeves and hang out at a few carnivals haha


Definitely can't complain.. they signed in gold on a black background! I was hoping for cd booklet as well but this will probably be one of my best scores ever.. from what I see, there isn't a limit? And these haven't sold out yet.. seems strange

Think if remember the limit on kiss was 4 that’s why I couldn’t get for all buddies I ordered a couple too my dads going to crap his pants when he sees these 

Why wouldn't you want the bigger item?

For me, if this is the size of an LP, it doesnt fit into my storage unless I have a vinyl to accompany it. If its 12x12, slightly smaller than a vinyl, I can fit it in a scrapbook binder. Im hoping for that now.. a cd booklet or vinyl cover is best. Im a collector of booklets and covers first as they are a piece of history associated with the album. Prints can be as well but they feel disconnected to me. Overall, its really about the autographs. For Def Leppard, they could sign anything and I will still love it.. i always worry about storage though. 

The Rock and Roll Channel has sold out!!!

That could change as they cancel flipper orders of 25.

Hopefully they restock.  I was busy dealing with water from a busted water heater and got on just in time to see it in stock and be told it was sold out when trying to add it to the cart.  ;(

I'm hoping they cut down orders of more than 4 like they did with KISS Destroyer and am hoping we see a restock.  I'm gutted as I now get to replace some flooring and maybe a bit of drywall and I missed Def Leppard!  FML!

I am sure they will have more like they did with Kiss on the day of the show.


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