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DEVO Signed Poster https://shop.clubdevo.com/products/signed-special-edition-new-traditionalists-anniversary-fine-art-print-dev


Signed Special Edition New Traditionalists 40th Anniversary Fine Ar...

Devo protects the children from the sub-human wad in this museum-quality fine art print of the full color, 1981 NT poster that came inside the original 12” Devo LP release.
This is a limited edition DEVO fine art piece
Signed by DEVO
Only 200 made
12 color giclee pigment print on 210gsm acid-free classic etching paper OBA free
32 7/8 inches X 22 1/2 inches
Pre-Sale: this item will ship late September/early October. Orders are not part-shipped. If you would like to order more items, we recommend placing a separate order.

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I don't have much reach, but I'm trying to roast TalkShopLive and Ingram on X/Twitter and Instagram. I've also submitted a ticket to TalkShopLive.

The last time I had a problem with an order sold by TSL and fulfilled by Ingram, it was also royally destroyed due to poor care. TSL refused to do anything to help.

I think the thing that disappoints me the most is the person fronting Ingram is so passionate about music, i thought he would understand how important these purchases are to us. I'm so incredibly grateful that they're offering these great products but the poor service is tarnishing the whole experience.

My Fragle package came. Same as the others. 

Yours is more wrecked than mine. I wonder if they sat on the "fragle" packages while driving them to USPS? 

It just doesn't surprise me. They are a 'push the product' company that doesn't care once they have your money. They have proven it over and over. Mine is on the way and I am already dreading it. I can tell by the way they are packaged it is pretty impossible to get one that isn't messed up. For what they charge in postage it is obvious they are profiting and they could have easily tubed this and sent two separate packages or got the right sized box to put them together. Rolled up inside with a rubberband.  And they still could have made a little $.

I bought some as well. If someone needs a temporary job, they may be hiring soon to handle email responses. Just don't expect to be paid much because they seem greedy

You are correct . There shipping charges are very high and I think we have all figured out there making extra bucks with there shipping charges but for gods sake at least package the items well so they do not get destroyed unreal 

TSL should be on the naughty list like Banquet

TSL, via the distributor, offered a 35% discount today since the poster was damaged.  I told them this was unacceptable since the poster was the reason I bought the item. They are now supposed to send me a prepaid label to return for a 100% refund. 

I'm very reluctant to buy from TSL... I also received the 35% off of a completely useless poster...

They couldn't possibly think that shipping a poster in a flattened box would be sufficient...

After several emails, and after a threat of filing a complaint with PayPal, I finally received the prepaid label and received a 100% refund. I know that you cannot use PayPal on TSL, but if you use Google Pay (and with PayPal set as your funding source), I have learned you can file a claim. Thankfully, they finally did the right thing. 

I bought during the live show, mine hasn't shipped or updated or anything. I think it was the next day or so when everyone started getting their mangled ones on pre-orders and then Ingram disappeared from the site. Don't know if I'll ever see the one I purchased. FWIW when I got the flogging molly poster/cd it was also packed horrible where the poster was bent up from the cd being loose in a huge LP mailer. issues with who ever is doing the shipping on oversized items.



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