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Pamela Anderson was a generous TTM signer in her early days of stardom. But by the time she married Tommy Lee, she was responding to mail requests with secretarial signatures. This Pamela Lee 8X10 is a secretarial sig that JSA is well aware of. 

So on first glance, I thought JSA really blew this one. But then again...the listing shows a JSA basic certificate and the serial # checks out with JSA as a Pamela Anderson 5X7 photo. But there is no sign of the basic authentication sticker on the front of the photo. When I asked the seller where the sticker was he said "it must be on the back" But the sticker is nowhere to be found on the listing.

Now this seller seems legit with a whole lot of JSA certified items with stickers on the front. But without seeing that matching number JSA sticker affixed to the item, a seller could use the basic certificate card from an authentic signed item and then use that same card to make a similar non-authentic item appear to be kosher. Obviously anyone who buys a JSA or PSA certified basic item would be well advised to make sure that a sticker is on the item with a serial # that matches the basic certificate.

I think JSA mostly does an excellent job, but I've seen enough non-authentic certified items on eBay from both JSA and PSA to know that even though they may be the best in their field, they're not perfect. I'm leaning towards thinking they messed up on this one. What do you guys think?



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Never see one like this.  I say they blew it, but who knows?

Got the below signature IP when we were staying in the same hotel in the 90s and it looks quite different so I say this is a fake/sec and JSA blew it.

Pamela Lee IP 1997

Stickers on the front of items will guarantee no sale from me. Freeloading advertisement in state colors suggesting 1) the item has been maxed out in value and 2) I can't authenticate my own items.

Stickers on cards or the back, if you must IMO. When the company fails or loses ground that sticker will be a sticky hindrance. Never saw a sticker on a Morrison, or Hendrix, or Lugosi SP.

Understandable for you, Eric, that you don't want to pay the extra juice that a certified autograph costs. But how many buyers even come close to your skill and authenticating knowledge? Maybe a fraction of one percent?

There are a lot of sellers, unwittingly or not, selling secretarials. And worse yet, many outright forgers.  Ebay and other online sites are beholden to those profits so they do as little as necessary to police them. For better or for worse, flaws and all, JSA and PSA are necessary for the hobby.

I can't disagree with your last comments. Well written Meggs. And thank you for the very kind words. :-)

You're quite welcome, Eric. I'm new to this forum, but I've been enjoying the hobby for over 30 years. Recently, I've been continually referring to this site as I've been doing a lot of research on secretarial signatures and your breadth of knowledge is quite obvious. 

Responding to your post above, my concern with stickers from the authenticating services more than the company failing of losing ground, would be the service being found out to be rubber stamping authentications for favored clients. I know I've seen some allegations of that on this forum with one of the services that is a spot or two lower in volume than the big two of PSA and JSA. 



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