Can I get some insight on this auto? Cant seem to find any, fake or real, that look quite like it.

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Jon, what's your own opinion on this?

I am not sure. The seller picks up a lot of sports memorabilia and auctions them off to the public. Ive gotten some very legit things from him in the past.. but this didnt have a COA with it.

He claims the guy he bought the collection from, got it from an "American Football Coaches Association auction"

After looking at other sigs.. the G's seem odd to me... The signature as a whole seems much "slower" but still very smooth.

My knowledge says it is 100%……

Been studying Dimaggio since the early- to mid-1990s...A few issues here concern me:

  • the space between both the J and the D
  • the style of the "oe"
  • More than anything, the double "g"s are atypical and lack the speed, slant and spacing from known good Dimaggio signature. 

I wouldn't expect this to pass professional authentication. If I were the potential buyer, I would pass. 

Agree, Austin.  Formation is way off.

Thanks. I too noticed the G's. This signature shows the pen entering the first G at the top of the G's "counter" where as most that ive seen enter at the bottom. 

There is not one part of this signature that looks even close.  Dimaggio had a beautiful signature with great flow.

Thank you Steve!

I agree, this is likely not authentic



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