Hi, thanks for checking my post. I found a autograph signed by Judy Garland, the owner says that it is genuine. I want your opinions about this. 

 Before we get into the autograph, I have to tell you the backstory about this photo. The original owner’s father was a great fan of Hollywood stars. He frequently send mails to stars and then he received autographs with the signature of Hollywood stars and then, he would send another mail and ask them politely to send a genuine signed autograph. 

 This autograph looks like it’s not a printed one. You can see it by looking the colour of the ink. Now, you might think it was signed by Judy’s secretary. So, I brought some examples to counter this point.

As you can see on the first example. It is very similar to the photograph we are discussing. This example is obviously a printed one because it on the explanation. If it was signed by her secretary why would MGM copy it and print them? The aim of copying is to save the time to write on the photograph for the stars.

Secondary, I want you to check the second example. This one is also quite similar to the photograph we are discussing right now. According to the owner of the photo we are discussing. It was signed in the 1930s which is 1939. The second example also says that it was signed during her early career. These example’s timeline match. Also by checking her secretary’s signature none of them look similar to the photograph we are debating.

However, there are still problems about this photograph such as the “J” part. 

Sorry if I made grammatical mistakes. I’m not an English speaker.

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IMO, there is several atypical characteristics of this signature. I have doubts it is authentic. You may want contact Tom Kramer who specializes in Vintage Hollywood signatures.

You will find his contact information here.

Thank you for your help.

I don't think anything in this thread is authentic.

Here is Judy Garland 1954:

Thanks for your help!!



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