New member here. I have a question: do we know if Paul McCartney uses autopen on his documents and/or letters? I have never seen anything on this but I have a feel letters from the Geoff Emerick estate that were sold to me as autopen signatures. 

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Could you possibly post one of the letters? The only Macca autopen signature that I can think of was used for the Beatles Fan Club cards.

I’ve never seen him use an autopen on a letter. Maybe the letters have been copied ? Please post one when you’re ready

The real letters are locked in my map cabinet and I'm having trouble unlocking it! But I will, eventually, and then I'll post some high res pics. For Now I only have this low res file (from the auction). From the left: signed Paul and Heather; signed Paul and Linda; printed letter, unsigned; signed just "Paul".

second and fourth look strange to me but I have to take a better look. And I have to confirm (because I don't remember) if the first one is the actual letter or just a copy. Will post details here for sure when I open the damn cabinet!

Here’s another copy of the second letter:

Amazing. It's like a printed letter then. 

I remember these from Julien's. The one on the far right seems to have a pre-print pattern. The second one from the left appears fine.

The second and fourth letters both contain facsimile signatures.

Ok, so I finally was able to get them. 1-3 on that Julien pic are definitely pre-prints. But the 4th one has a real signature. So my question would be: it's signed but was it signed by Paul?

I think the one above is not handwritten but printed. It looks exactly the same as the one in the booklet that comes with the Ecce cor meum CD.

Interesting. It might be an auto pen then because it definitely isn’t printed. That image is from a 40x jewelry magnifier - I’m not aware of any printer that can print such fine detail such as that



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