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CAS does indeed seem to have a good reputation according to this...

So you just may have an authentic Trump graph in your hands.

I'm not even going to bother studying his sig scratch lol

I haven’t bothered either, but I see that these have sold for as low as $40 shipped.

I have been studying older Trump signatures, which are much easier to authenticate than these new scribbles.  I have no idea how anyone can authenticate these.   CAS reputation aside, I would question this one.

I did find the exact same bill signed by trump and certified by CAS on the hollywoodmemorabilia website it obviously was extremely expensive but they guarantee authenticity.

Here's the one that sold for $40:

here is another one, this one worse than the others but same style.  

these are more in line with how Trump's Rally signatures actually look:

Here's one on eBay with a starting bid of $14.99 and a Best Offer option.

and one with a BIN price of $69.95:

interesting that they are all signed right smack in the middle. Trump is very good about that.  (not)

I still can't determine if the general opinion is that the signed CAS bills are real or not.  I would think what did he do....sit down and sign a lot of them in one sitting or did he regularly sign these bills as part of his campaign?

+1 Joseph 

I just read through all this and that's exactly what crossed my mind 

Have u tried the scratch and sniff test .that will help




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