Here are three signed contracts between The Doors and Elektra Records. As you can see, two of these are identical pages from an October 1968 contract. The other is a page from a February 1970 contract. Although the signatures are all clearly different, I find them to be very similar in appearance.

I'd like to point out that the other signature on each of these contracts is that of Elektra President Jac Holzman. On each of the two 1968 contracts, Holzman has signed above Lawrence Harris' printed name. Harris was also an Elektra executive at that time.

A few things that I find particularly unusual in comparing the signatures are the second "r" and second "o" in "Morrison", and the "n" in "John."


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I don't know the Doors autographs good enough to comment, but you've presented an really interesting grouping. I'm interested in hearing what some specialists have to say.
Thanks, Steve. For anyone interested, there are some good examples of authentic Morrison signatures available on the web. He signed a number of copies of two of his privately published poetry books ("The New Creatures" and "An American Prayer"), and there are also endorsed checks.
I have been a DOORS fan since 1967, and have had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing all three of the surviving members. I also have recent autographs of theirs, and have seen a few "legitimate" Jim Morrison signatures, but never owned one, so I'm far from an expert. With that said, none of the signatures look like much of what you'll find nowadays. Having seen Krieger's signature the most, I can say that his signature on this document is nothing like what his current autograph signature looks like, but Jim's seems to be the closest to what I think you'll find. I think that there are basically three reasons for this. First, this is a contract, so the signers are trying to make sure that they are making a statement of agreement for a very lucrituve business deal; they are signing a contract, not a "Strange Days" album outside Madison Square Garden while rushing to a waiting limo. I think anyone signing a contract would be purposeful in signing. Second, it's 1968, and the DOORS then were in their early twenties, except Manzarek, who was the oldest by about five years. Now these guys are in their 60's, and signatures change with age. The third factor is a bundle: autograph seekers weren't as big then as they are now, and the DOORS toured so infrequently that getting an in-person autograph from the band ( or even one of them) would have been a neat trick; Danny Sugarman used to be their office boy and would reply to fan mail most often, so signatures through the mail were probably signed by him on most occasions; and remember, the band only lasted for seven years. They were formed in 1965, recorded their first album late in 1966, Morrison died at 27 in July 1971, ending the band's history there, except for two more albums made by Densmore, Kreiger, and Manzarek before they went their own ways. It wasn't until the 1980's that there was any interest in the band again, and though, since then that interest has never faded, the three survivors weren't on friendly terms until about ten years ago, so getting them all together in public remained a rarity until fairly recently. Actually, since they regrouped, Densmore brought them to court to stop them from using the name, "THE DOORS," and he does not take part in concert activities with the other two, who have become 21st Century Doors, Doors of the 21st Century, and the Krieger-Manzarek Band. They do get together, for the new Johnnie Depp narrated film, for example, but after litigations, they have not been the same. So much for history. For comparitive signatures I suggest going to a wonderful fan website, the Doors Collectors Magazine, where you'll find a wide array of signed and unsigned memorabilia, and a cottage industry, featuring a collection of DOORS related books, beads, magazines, stamps, and coins. The person who operates the site is an expert, and I'd recommend contacting him for his opinion. For a group that was around for such a short time, the DOORS sure have a legacy. Before I'd guess if these signatures are real or not, I'd like to know the history behind the document itself.
That’s great that you got to meet the three surviving Doors. I was fortunate to meet Robby and get his autograph, but I haven’t met the other two. As far as autographs, I have one of Jim, one of John, and a few each of Robby and Ray. I agree that the surviving Doors’ more recent signatures look substantially different from how they signed in the 60’s and, signed contract or not, assume that it wouldn’t be appropriate to compare these against more recent ones. However, Jim signatures from his privately published poetry books appear to have been signed with care. Most of those were likely not signed in person, but instead signed prior to being mailed or presented to the recipient.
Way to go on getting a real Jim Morrison autograph! I'm not usually envious, but...Can I ask how and how much?
Thanks! I'd rather not say how much, but it's in a copy of "The New Creatures", which was published in a edition of 100 copies.
A great way to get the 3 survivors sigs is thru the "The Doors" book published 2006 by the Doors Music Co. See attached picture.

How did you get it?
They pre-signed a bunch of them for Book Soup.
Those contracts are crazy cool.
I saw one of these contracts for sale about 9 years ago, for $2,500. Great deal, as authentic Morrison is tough (so easy to forge).
Thanks for posting, ballroom!
You're very welcome. I totally agree. There's certainly no shortage of Morrison "signatures" on eBay, and some of them are pretty funny. Considering recent prices, $2,500 was indeed a great deal. An endorsed check sold for $800 8 years ago, and they now go for $2,500-$2,700.


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