I know I have asked before, but I plan to be getting a large number of autographs soon. I typically use sharpies because they dry fast. Paint markers and the types that you need to baby are NOT an option because of the volume I will be doing. It needs to be instant or very close to it with no chance of smearing. I know some pf the paint markers are best, but just not an option due to smearing and volume.

Any recommendations? I am looking particularly for gold, bronze, silver, white, but also interested in other colors too.

Any advice appreciated. If you have a link, include that too.

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With so much quantity I would look for silver, gold (your stated choices) and possibly black for different signing circumstances and limit it to that to keep is simple. Just my .02. What exactly is getting signed is probably part of the question/answer.

Primarily 8 by 10 photos luster or glossy finish and some posters.

White certainly would be nice for some - but hard to find a reliable white pen, I think?

Another question is are you planning to rack or is it a sit down signing? It makes a difference believe me it does 

The newer Bic silver and gold markers seem alright - probably a bit better than their sharpie counterparts.

Years ago, I had a gold photo marker that was absolutely fantastic. I lost the thing and can't remember the name as it was some brand I hadn't even heard of. I just remember it signed decent looking autographs (better than Sharpie) and dried really quickly. 

Side not - be careful here. I believe it was prisma paint pens that dry especially quickly, but they're alcohol based, which does not bode well for preservation.

Interesting topic.  Thanks.  I've always found shake paint pens very unpredictable, and the Sharpie version tend to be a pretty thin width, etc.  I've found the Staedtler gold and silver non-shakes very good, though they do lose a little if the person is a hurried/large signer. 

I've always found the Sharpie oil-based ones to be excellent - but it really does come down to circumstances and whether you'll be able to get 30 - 60 seconds for it to dry.

Is it FULLY dry after 30-60 seconds? That could be potentially doable. But if it is gonna smear after that,t hen hard no.

If that long. I remember running through a number of these as a test years ago. It was typically dry after 30 - 45 seconds. after a minute or so, you couldn't even claw off the ink. Maybe grab a couple of the Sharpie oil based pens (fine tip are the easiest to prep and keep charged) and test them out on a photo.

You're right, that's always the difficulty. They look great if it goes well though, having said that.

Most metallic markers Gold silver Bronze they all have a slight chance of getting smeared especially if your stacking the photos quickly on top of each other, are you putting your 8x10s on a grapher board or just holding them all in a folder? 




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