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Indeed :)
Have to keep an eye on the site.

It does stand to reason there might be another, we've seen catalogue numbers CHEDBUND2 and CHEDBUND3 but not CHEDBUND1...

Watch the next drop, signed by Elton, Dua and the Queen of England. That song is getting to number 1 come hell or high water!

Back in stock if anyone missed out

Thanks just got one :)

Dan...are you able to get more than one in an order?  I would love one of these if any more come up and you catch it.  

Hey sadly not and it's sold out. But I'll keep an eye and let you know :)

Hi Dan, Dan here. Nice to meet you. Great name you got :)

It looks like another one with both names might be released...please let me know if you get an extra.  Thank you!

Kdavies12...are you willing to purchase an extra for me?  I am in the United States and would love one of these if you are able to purchase another.  Thank you!

Hey! I only purchased the one I’m afraid and they’ve sold out now 

Am I unable to even see the product bc I’m in the US? 



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