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Mine says "Pending" and I ordered pretty quickly. 

The dua one keeps coming back in stock 

If anyone gets an extra, I promise to pay you for your time in getting me one!  I have tried and can not get one here in the States no matter what I do.  Please help if you can!  Thank you!

I noticed all but one of your posts are about begging if someone can get you an extra of an item you missed (Lorde, Billy Idol, John Mayer, ...). Do you realise the person buying for others is taking a risk? The forwarding service charges over $40 to ship this single to the US. In the event the single turns out to arrive unsigned, damaged or stamped, would you still honor the agreement? Because the person ordering for you will in best case receive a $4 refund (item + UK shipping) and be out the $40 shipping to US.

This forum is not for selling and trading. The admins do allow some leeway in one-on-one trading and selling at cost between generous members helping eachother out, but it's mainly for sharing knowledge and experiences. There's lots of people willing to help by trading tips & tricks if you're serious about the hobby and are willing to put in the effort. Take a little risk yourself. I've seen lots of tips on how to order from UK to the US. It might not help you with this item, but with many deals still to come. That's what I think is great about this forum. 

Hi Jor-El...please know that I am a VERY honest and EXCITED collector of signed cd booklets...and have been for well over 20 years.  I only recently found this website and I just have not figured out how to purchase items from overseas...and I am often in business meetings when things get posted so I often miss getting some of these items.  I am absolutely willing to take the risk if others are willing to assist me.  I understand the price is takes to expand a collection...and these are strictly for MY collection...I do not sell any of my items that I receive.  If I am ever able to get multiples of something, they will only be used to trade for others.  I apologize if anyone takes offense to my certainly is not meant to be anything other than a passionate collector trying to collect some goodies!  I did take some advice and setup a forwarding UK address...but then the website had me blocked from purchasing...even after I followed instructions on how to go around it.  I will eventually learn and not have to bother anyone...but again, I am honest and will follow through with any transactions I volunteer myself for.  Once more, I am sorry if I have done something wrong...but appreciate anyone willing to help me out. Thank you for your allowed me to explain myself.  Best wishes for everyone collecting out there!

BTW...I realize I won't be able to get all the signed cd booklets that I would like...but the hunt is part of the fun.  I continue to hunt in my free time...but I continue to spend good money on those that were able to find the goodies...but I really don't want to pay those crazy ebay prices.  Thanks!

Thank you Shannon for the explanation. I did not mean to suggest any dishonesty and of course there is nothing wrong in asking. In my experience not everyone starting out in this hobby is aware of the costs and risks (and time!) involved. I've been burned on these kind of favors in the past. It's just something I wanted you (and others who read this) to be aware of.

I've seen these Dua Lipa sell for $40 on ebay, which seems like a lot but is less than you would pay with forwarding if this was the only item you got from the UK.

Different websites use different tricks and they don't advertise them. My Roger Taylor order (UK only) got cancelled and refunded after it sold out, even though I used a UK address. I'm still not entirely sure why. 

Dua is now gone from the website too. I guess that's it for the signed CDs.

Mine has arrived! Very happy

Nice! Did you receive a shipping notice? I did get one for Elton but not Dua Lipa.

No shipping notice! Just turned up 

I sure wish they would ship mine? my Elton has been sitting at the forwarding service for days and I'm trying to wait for this one to get there so I can combine the shipping. it looks nice

2 dua lipa arrived today bottom right does to me look autopen 



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