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Could very well be,Walsh  seems alright. Can barely see frey.

Genuine in my opinion...but very poor condition (Frey) and missing Meisner.

here are some better pictures if its any help.  who has written the inscription on the top ?  any ideas?  thanks

Too bad Glenn signed in that weird purple ink. I wouldn't be surprised if that completely fades out over time. These were signed mostly for radio stations, DJs, etc -- I don't think there were more than 50 made but not 100% sure.  Don't recognize the writing in the inscription. Perhaps it was for Kid Leo the famous DJ?

 what kind of price do you think its worth?  There is an english dj called kid but I think, as you say it was signed in usa

looks like glen fadded .true about kid leo he was a famous dj and later became a record excutive. meet him a few times


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