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these look good to me, and they are on a nice guitar.

I think so as well. I might have finally found an authentic black Eagles guitar for sale.

Can't be cheap for this baby !!!!! ;)


I have just come across this post. I actually bought this guitar in the Dallas auction it was listed in last November and had it shipped to UK.  Agree it is and was hard to find an authentic signed Eagles guitar, especially on a black Takamine.  

really nice item, congrats

i think this might have been band issued 

Yes it was a band issued one and it came with documents stating that it was part of a set signed for a charity event attended and connected to the group.  
It surprises and annoys me to see so many Eagles fake signatures out there.  Some signed guitars are so bad and obviously fake.  
I used a lot of help and guidance from this website to ensure what to look out for and check before buying. 



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