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Curious to hear any opinions on this seller. He's been on ebay since last century and most of his listings claim he gets his autos IP when various celebs are in town. Doesn't appear to sell anything third party authenticated. With over 11,000 feedbacks I'm sure some on here must be familiar.  

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This name comes up as invalid ID. Link?

The name comes up invalid for me too when I do a search by seller, don't get that but I've attached a link

Hello Meggs,

Thanks for the link. I looked at a LOT - all I can tell you is his Roger Waters (the LP anyway) is good but with a defective pen. I did feel like I was seeing some of the same shapes over many pages but... It is best to ask about a specific autograph as you know.

Unlike a decade or two ago, seeing a major seller selling higher end sigs without being authenticated, while not being an obvious red flag, has become out of the ordinary. So I apppreciate you taking the time to study and give your educated opinion, Eric! 

Always happy to try and help Meggs. :-)

I've seen this seller for years too, and I think he's fine. There's a legit chance we've been to a few of the same events (that being said, despite all the Chicago area concerts I go to, I very rarely see pro collectors at any such events). The items I'm familiar with all look good, and I'm not seeing any red flags. That being said, it can't hurt to check in on individual items.

Thank you, Rich!

I believe you are correct, Rich. His name is Eric Tengstrand and he apparently chases IP autographs in the Chicago area.

Unfortunately, despite a long history and a lot of experience, he doesn't know how to package very well. I ordered an 8X10 signed photo from him that he sent between two flimsy pieces of cardboard inside a thin, semi-rigid, brown envelope. It looked OK at first glance, but a closer inspection showed the PO put a bend in the envelope that went through the picture. So unnecessary. You would think a 25 year ebay seller with over 11,000 feedback would know better.   


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