Ebay's Global Shipping. Is it hurting International sales?

I would like to hear from buyers as well as sellers. Is eBay's Global Shipping Program hurting business? As a buyer do you avoid purchasing from sellers who use eBay's Global Shipping?

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I use it as both a buyer and seller, Joe and would never consider avoiding a seller who utilizes it.  

I basically never buy from a seller that uses Global Shipping. Can’t and will not pay the shameless fees that eBay add to the sale price.

For example: I’m looking at an autograph that costs $199. If I would like to buy that one I would have to pay $82 for shipping och import charges! That’s an 41% extra just because I’m not from the US, no thank you... 

Cogo is on the money , all the fees just add up and then there's the exchange rate to cover. 

eBay Global shipping is a program designed to provide a service at a highly inflated price.

I don't purchase any thing in my day-to-day life that falls into that category.

And so eBay sellers who advertise that program are politely approached about its pitfalls & asked to deal directly with me and me only.

Adding a 3rd party unnecessarily to a transaction has never made any sense to me.

eBay was only looking to pad profits when they introduced it.

It's a time waster as well often delaying item delivery by 3 or 4 days at my end

eBay Global shipping makes my blood boil

Give me the old days - a deal between a buyer & seller.

Protect both parties and get the hell out of the way.

Shareholders come first now though




so, if the autograph was easily worth $1000 and the total cost was $287, you would not purchase?  I just look at the total cost to purchase and compare it to value.  Sort of like buyers premiums at auctions. Some auction houses charge 10% while others charge 30%.

I just sold a Tiger Woods signed golf cap last week to a buyer from Canada using the program.  As a seller, can I even see the shipping details? I just never realized that the fees are excessive.  I just see it as being more convenient and someone is still willing to pay.

Of course I would, do you really need to ask... :-)

But the example you give rarely happens. Most of the times an autograph listed for $200 is worth less than that, since the sellers adds on the price to make up for the eBay selling fees. And in these cases I’m not interested to pay $287!

I asked because you stated that you would never buy.....

i assumed your position was one of principle. I think I now understand your position and tend to agree. In many instances, the excessive global shipping fees (not unlike excessive buyers premiums) keep people from pursuing an otherwise acceptable purchase.  When taking into account these fees, I also definitely curtail my purchases.

On the other hand, if I use an auction style listing on ebay and the winning bidder is from Canada, I will gladly and conveniently use ebay global shipping.

I appreciate everyone's solid input. I tend to agree with that sellers are being hurt that use Global Shipping. 

This leads me to my second question. How does a seller adequately protect themself when shipping abroad? Let's say an item sells for $500 and the seller declares and/or insures the item for that amount. Doesn't the country of destination still charge that hefty import tax before the item will be delivered? 

yes but it also depends on the courier used.  Some couriers will deliver and then send the recipient the bill afterwards and then threaten you will CCJ if you dont pay up.  The post office and other courier companies will keep the item until you have paid them directly.  The post office and courier companies also put their own mark up or handling fee on it so it is very expensive indeed to buy something with the correct import duites on

Now comes the dilemma? How does a seller protect themself if they place a lower than actual value amount on the package and the item is lost or damaged during shipping?

This is especially important due to the uniqueness of autographs where each item is one of a kind and not easily replaceable. 

I've had sellers make me sign some kind of disclaimers before. In reality if the items shipped Express tracked signed it will in most cases arrive without any trouble. Everyone needs to be aware of any tax laws import laws because they change regualary. 



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