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eBay seller aussiepickers2013 is selling fake forged Michael Jordan autograph basketball

Check out the link


Seller aussiepickers2013 is selling a terrible Michael Jordan forgery.

To add insult he is claiming he got it himself from a Jordan camp.
He mustn't know that UDA authenticate the autographs at a camp.
He got the year wrong of the camp.
And why would he bring this NCAA ball to the Jordan camp if he was to go.
And why would he pay the $15,000 to attend the camp, bring this crappy ball and then sell it.

aussiepickers2013 is a liar and a fraud as as far as I'm concerned he must be a forger also.

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I love it.  The "picker" (which is a euphemism for idiot who goes to rummage sales looking to flip random crap) sells loads of random cheap junk on Ebay but went to the ultra expensive MJ basketball camp, got the cheapest ball he could signed and is now selling it for almost nothing.

Australia strikes me as one of those virtual "dead zones" for autograph collecting. 99.9% of them it's not worth giving any sellers out that way a look,

Yeah I asked him some questions about the camp with no response haha

There is a few good dealers in Australia but mostly Australian items.

It's real easy to get autographs here as there is often nobody else waiting or getting any.
Also when people do book signings etc I often bring 10-20 other items with me and always get them signed.

Also because there is not many dealers here I can often make a lot on "easy" items to get.
E.g Magic Johnson & Mike Tyson I can import from the states with PSA ad double my money every day if the week.

Also funnily enough I have sold quite a bit to the US even though I originally got it from there.

It doesn't seem like there's as much interest in general there.  I think I've made a total of one autograph purchase from there in the past, and it was a presigned CD from Sanity.

Good old sanity.
Aussies only like Rugby League, Cricket and world superstars
Jordan, Lebron, ruth, Mantle, Tyson, Ali etc etc Anything else can be a tough sell, but also a great buy if you can find it because no competition rising the prices.

Dont forget good old Aussie Rules...just throwing it out there but are you in NSW or QLD hence not putting AFL in there...lol

This is correct. Signatures are easier to get in oz when it comes to our main played sports (Afl,League,Union even basketball) as not many people are into signed memorabilia like they are elsewhere and its not like the states where certain towns/cities are die hard fans for their local team but here the fan base is just wide spread. I wish for one day that Jordan visits OZ again and I can be there in hopes of getting something signed but is just as hard anywhere as he is a superstar.

No chance haha

Just from my experience someone that big would have streets and venues and hotels closed for him.
Remember when Tiger Woods was here. Our media had helicopters chasing him. It was them that originally found out he was cheating etc.

When its lower names its easy. I met most of the 2000 US olympic basketball team when they were in Sydney. And the US goodwill games team (2002 I think) while they were in Melbourne.

Music for example I hung out with Kurupt next door to the venue before a show and Naughty by nature after a show. I walked to backstage entry before a show for Salt & Pepper. But when Ice Cube played at the same venue the whole back street was closed so I couldn't get near him. And I was the only one there trying.

I also remember when George Clooney was here and there was one sole autograph hunter at the airport and Clooney walked over to the gate just to sign for one guy. Great proof for the guy to because it was shown on every news haha

Not always. There are towns that have special deals on their hotels when they know that celebrities are coming to town. I guess it's some sort of marketing trick, I really don't know. But to give an example, I remember when there was a special Sting concert in Vegas and http://las-vegas.hotelscheap.org/ had reduced fares and I booked a hotel with like 25% off.

I was about to make a post regarding this same item. I told the seller that this has got to be one of the worst forgeries I have ever seen. He must think that just because he has other items from the camp that people will think it legit. Sad thing is it has bids and some poor loser thinks its authentic. here is the item

his name gave him away also by letting us know he just finds s*** and sells it. I have not got a response from him either and I did report the item and encourage others to do so aswell that way ebay might actually remove it before it sells. I think I am going to bid on it at a crazy price just to make sure I win and not pay but leave very negative feedback....not with my main account of course.

Good thinking!
I've reported it also and agree with you that he is trying to fool people by selling the jersey also.
Funny thing is the camp was a year later then he thinks he's just saying 2005 because of the 0 and 5 on the jersey haha

You call him a forger. I say a forger is someone who can at least make a fake auto look half decent at least..This guy is just a pathetic low life scumbag and should be stoned for his poor efforts.


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