EBAY SELLER BEWARE posting your photos: rockcollectors2011 Selling a Roger Epperson Eric Clapton 8X10 signed photo as a RP

I've been checking out Eric Clapton signatures as it is one that I'd like to add to my collection. In the middle of looking through ebay I stumbled across this, which I immediately recognized.

As you can see the listing says. 

All Autographs Photo are REPRINTED with glossy 8x10 paper. The autographs are 100% Authentic, They've just been reprinted from my original Autographed Photo,

What makes me most nervous is he says MY original autographed photo. The reason this makes me nervous is because Roger Epperson is selling the original photo on his website is still for sale.

I sent this message to the seller: 

Dear rockcollectors2011,
Hi, I was curious. Are you the owner of the original photo and if so is that for sale? Thank You
he responded:
I am , sorry its not

- rockcollectors2011
After alerting this seller if he was aware that Roger is selling the original and was he aware he stopped responding. I fully believe he took Roger's image and is passing it off as HIS. I sent Roger an email about this but no response. The listing was ended but he made a new one here: 
I guess long story short it is hard to keep your autograph protected if they are just making copies of a piece you own and selling the reprints out for under you, then the next person (if they are able to start selling quality reprints) are able to sell to unsuspecting buyers as originals. 
This I think would devalue your original and may (i'd believe) be illegal to sell a copy of something that you own that is the original. I probably will have second thoughts posting any of my autographs online for now on. 

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Oh yeah, I understand that about the copyright. What makes it worse (especially for someone like Roger) who is selling the original "signed" photo, that they can just take an image that they don't own for one and then lift the exact image with the auto on it and sell how many copies as a reprint? I personally wouldn't want to own the original off of Roger if there are X amount of duplicates that look exactly the same, as it would decrease the value of the original with each one sold in my opinion. It could make you skeptical of the original.

This has happened to me several times... People taking images of my signed photos off my blog and selling them on eBay as reprints. It happens to anyone who posts high res images online... RR Auction, Heritage, etc.

It is a nuisance and I believe it devalues the original to have a zillion reprints in circulation. The good news is eBay will remove it if you file a complaint as the rightful owner.

There is no doubt these types of stolen scan reprint sellers are total bottom feeders.

who the hell would want to waste money on a reprint?  its like buying a blow up doll.

Years ago when I used to sell this happened to me a lot.

I had 1 buyer email me and ask if I was selling a reprint as someone else was claiming to be selling the real deal when they had copied my photo and were wanting $250 for a reprint by claiming it was original. The person refused to take it down so I got a family friend to buy their item and it was a clear reprint. After a negative feedback they stopped selling reprints of my items!

I can't believe how many disgusting low lives there truly are in the collecting world, and if you can make a buck anyway you can, they will...This type of stuff just discourages me. 

Some seller took the signed Kurt cobain Polaroid pictures that are on ebay with the story stating his 3 forged nirvana cds were from the aids benefit auction and made 3k. Scumbag.

Here's Heath Emery reading this!

Home Alone Boy

Your kidding. Even other members didn't pick up on that those 3 cobains were real ones then who I asked. The albums were incesticide, nevermind and cant remember bleach. 

Funny stuff.DOM

I'll be here all week Paul

I don't think those cobains were legit. The seller had no receipt of sale from purchase. I highly doubt they would have 3 cds by cobain. People on forum thought it was bs too.

Heath Emery now



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