Ebay Seller Jamewebe-60 Lists Forged Signed Sandy Koufax Baseball COA In The Zone Authentics

Check out this laughable forged Sandy Koufax baseball listed by Ebay seller Jamewebe-60.

This is by far one of the ugliest forged Sandy Koufax baseballs that I have observed on Ebay.

One of the primary reasons why selling forgeries on Ebay is easier than selling authentic autographs, is because Ebay is so heavily-populated with delusional autograph collectors and impulse buyers, and the sellers of forgeries are well aware of that

Approximately 80% of the people that buy autographs, purchase forgeries, and it's one of the reasons why seller of forgeries are so successful on Ebay.

And anyone who thinks that Ebay cares, think again.

Ebay is an enabler of this crap.

They profit big-time from the sales of forgeries.

Now check out this forged Sandy Koufax baseball listed by Ebay seller Jamewebe-60.


Observe how often they use cheap China baseballs.

Here is the worthless and cheesy COA from In The Zone Authentics.

Look at this forged Ohtani with a worthless COA from In The Zone Authentics.

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It really feels like unless you’re a seasoned collector, if it comes with any COA at all, the buyer’s mind is at ease... never suspecting the COA could be just as fake as the signature.



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