Ebay Seller Shadellezorrilla Mickey Mantle Joe DiMaggio Autographed Photo Forgery COA Signed Certified Memories

Here's another set of Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio forgeries on a photograph found on Ebay.

This typical set of Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio "Florida" forgeries are listed by Ebay seller Shadellezorrilla.

This ugly set of Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio "Florida" forgeries comes with a "new" COA from Signed Certified Memories.

The Signed Certified Memories COA reads (we've read this crap before) This Item Has Been Examined By A Board Certified, Court Qualified Forensic Document Examiner.

Who is this "Board Certified, Court Qualified Forensic Document Examiner?"  

This is the kind of crap that continues to infect our autograph hobby.

Look at these mass-produced Florida Forgeries.

With a starting bid of $600.00, even the Ebay wannabe autograph collectors won't bid on these forgeries listed by Ebay seller Shadellezorrilla.

The people who buy these forgeries obviously have ZERO knowledge of autographs. They buy this crap at estate sales, charity auctions, local auctions, etc., at a cheap price and then look to flip their (Ebay seller Shadellezorrilla) forgeries on Ebay for

a profit.


More laughable crap with a worthless COA from SCM.

Here's another piece of crap set of Mantle, DiMaggio and Williams forgeries with a worthless COA from Signed Certified Memories.

Typical set of mass-produced "Florida" forgeries.

More crap from SCM (Signed Certified Memories). 

Typical "Florida" forgery.

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SCM (Tony Podsada) got kicked out of the National in Cleveland last year for selling forgeries.  He's supposed to be in court next week.  These guys need to be strung up, they are thieves.  I never buy any big name sports autographs unless I get it in person, no who did get or it's been authenticated by a reputable 3rd party company.  

You have to love that certificate of authenticity!!!!  Basically, if any third party states that the SCM article if fake, tough beans, we are right and they are all wrong!!!

SCM says his autographs are real but he doesn't sell them as real, he sells them as decorative!!! lol



I use to work for Tony in NJ when he was My Favorite Players.  I drilled plaques and then engraved plates. One day early 1990 he walks in with 1000 Billy Martin autos and runs off a limited edition of these plaques.  I have never seen that many autos and that fast after someone has died.  The autos were always blue sharpie like ink and I'd bet the farm that it was an image of a forged photo run off on an AGFA photo printer.   I have seen some of his junk and AGFA is the paper used for photos but that doesn't mean it is a photo.  Even in 1990 you could take a photo of a photo and print it out.

Then he dealt with Ken Goldin and Mike Bertolini, both of whom I met, of Scoreboard and I thought they were nuts only because he was out for a fast buck.

Whatever happens to him is his own doing and it is a shame because he made a nice plaque but the forgery stuff is bad.




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