Ebay Seller Skipgriz Sells Forged Signed Mickey Mantle Cap Worthless COA CDP Walter Johnson Baseball

Before I continue, below are links showing hundreds of examples of forged Mickey Mantle baseballs, photos, etc. found on Ebay (the most dangerous place to buy autographs if you're a casual collector or impulse buyer).

Let's look at some of the forged items sold by Ebay seller Skipgriz.

First, a forged Mickey Mantle cap that sold for a whopping $147.00.

As you can clearly observe, it is an obvious forgery.

Forged Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio on a photo.

Ebay seller Skipgriz claims the COA is from Scoreboard.

One of the biggest frauds that we observe on Ebay, is the use of a edited/copied old Scoreboard COA used to sell forgeries.   Scoreboard did not, of course, sell forgeries.

These are "Florida" forgeries.

Not an original Scoreboard COA.

Here's a forged Walter John baseball that sold for a whopping $410.00.

Does the buyer of this crap really think they purchased an authentic Walter Johnson autographed baseball for $410.00.


This looks like a Coach's Corner Sports Auction special.

Check out this winner.

Forged Dizzy Dean baseball.

Another Coach's Corner Sports Auction special.

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On the bogus Scoreboard COAs... I love how they can't even bother to clean up the background of Ken Goldin's signature. It's clearly copied from something else and pasted there. 

Wow. he must be an awesome collector.  Look...he is now offering a Mathewson

Mark, that seller is a total dirtbag.


I guess my sarcasm did not come through. He is obviously  either really gullable or a total scammer. It is really hard to believe anyone could think those are real.

Mark, it did come through....

I just had to vent about that dirtbag again.

On second thought, i guess i should be careful with sarcasm that is not clearly labeled as its possible  someone who does not know me could take that comment literally.

I agree he is a dirtbag. (Felt like piling on)

Pile on.  Pile on.

These people make me sick.

Look at this crap listed by Ebay seller Skipgriz.

Laughable forgeries.  Looks like the worthless COA is from AAU (Drew Max).



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