Ebay Seller supersport0896 Sells Forged Signed Babe Ruth Cut Autograph For $1400.00

Check out this obvious forged Babe Ruth cut auto sold by Ebay seller Supersport0896 for $1400.00.

First of all, it's a no-brainer forgery.

Secondly, observe the obvious feathering of the ink.

Garbage like this sells because Ebay is so heavily-populated with impulse buyers and delusional autograph collectors who think they are "getting a steal" and that "no one else" was watching the auction.

Believe me, if that was authentic, I know a dozen collectors, including myself, who would have bid much higher than the final bid price of $1400.00.

Here's what is interesting.

The buyer of the forged "Babe Ruth" left "Positive Feedback" and yet the seller re-listed it.

Could it be because the buyer submitted to either Beckett, JSA or PSA and it got rejected?

You can click your mouse on the below image to get a closer view.

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Looks like it was an arduous journey for this Ruth forgery. 11 stops along the route and one lay over. Probably took so long to draw that the forger's legs fell asleep at the kitchen table.

My goodness! $1400? Why would anyone lay down that kind of bread, recklessly? Unbelievable. Anyway, great stuff as always, Chris.

Guys I hate to be the one to disagree, but the Ruth actually looks pretty good, it matches Ruth's earlier career exemplars, especially when considering the cap of the letter R , with the larger more round tear drop. Also when it comes to "feathering" which is minimal in the Ruth autograph, but more importantly, feathering, has very little correlation in determining authenticity. Paper  quality and thickness combined with ink viscosity (wet or dry) is the main cause of feathering. Lastly, without proper magnification, is pointless to try look for "stops and starts" normally what causes this is the natural inconsistent ink flow from a fountain pen depositing into the paper. Refer to pic I included as example of actual feathering. Please take no offense to my opinion guys.

And that's why the second attempt at selling it went for a whopping $680.00?

You can click the below image with your mouse to get a closer view.



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