Ebay Seller Tntnorthnj Sells Signed Forged Derek Jeter 1994 Signature Rookies Card $131.00

First, immediately below are some links to threads I posted on forged Derek Jeter "Signature Rookies" card.




Here's another forged Derek Jeter "Signature Rookies" card that recently sold on EBay.

The below forged Derek Jeter "Signature Rookies" card was sold by Ebay seller Tntnorthnj for $131.00. 

This sickens me that people (not true autograph collectors) still fall for this and that people still sell this crap!!!


Below is an example of a authentic Derek Jeter "Signature Rookies" card.

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TNTNorthNJ is one of the largest consigner in the sports card categories on eBay and also one of the shadiest. Even when provided with incontrovertible evidence of forgeries or altering, he still won't take any items down or even do the most basic of investigations. Just do a little research over on the Blowout Cards forums... Stay far away people!!!

Jason, I did read about him on the Blowout forums a few months ago.

Sports autograph collectors are all deadbeats.

Civil War collectors are the only true gentlemen in this hobby.


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