Ebay Seller NJBC using my "proof photo" of Brian Wilson signature BAS certified....

It appears that our friend NJBC that we discussed awhile back for having BAS certified products (as a few Paul McCartney's that we questioned) he also was at a time in consignment of a few high profile items by a serious collector. 

Well it appears he is using a "proof photo" of mine from my blog of meeting Brian Wilson. The funny part is it is a photo of Al signing (the Pet Sounds he is selling is only Brian Wilson) and Brian didn't even sign my Pet Sounds then. I purchased my Pet Sounds signed by Brian from Perry Cox. I then added Mike and Bruce then Al. You can read about it on my blog here.

Why he would want to use my photo I can speculate, but funny that you can probably make out the Mike Love signature in my photo and clearly Al is just about to sign...Yet you are using proof for a Brian Wilson solo signed Pet Sounds? 

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I assume you contacted the seller?

Would be even more ridiculous if he denies it

I sent him a link to my post here.


even better

Looks like the "proof shot" magically disappeared. Interesting. 

I like your approach

Jeebus... too many people with no class on ebay. Sad very sad

It is also like, it isn't even close to a proof shot for Brian. There has to be others to steal. I don't even think the Brian is bad. He had BAS already...Why be greedy? 

Bet this EBay seller stole all those proof shots he is using. 

I wouldn't doubt it. I am just glad I decided to check out Beach Boys signatures today. 

Anytime you observe a situation like that, take multiple screen shots of the auction and then notify the seller before they remove the "proof."

Yep you are quite right. I think this has hopefully further shined a light on this individual hopefully. I would now love to see the proof shot he sends out. Since ge already had a copy of my photo printed out. 

Success (sort of) the message I sent to him had a screen shot of the orignal posting. Here you go. Proof.

There are so many Ebay scammers that simply have no conscience.



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