Ed Gibson was the science pilot for NASA's Skylab 4 mission. I see some similarities in the autograph I got back today with some known authenticated examples, but I keep getting hung up on the "E" in Ed and the "G" in Gibson. His "E" is not typically this curved and rounded, but I have seen a few authenticated examples that show this feature. And his "G" is not typically closed at the bottom, but again, I have seen a few authenticated examples that has a closed bottom. Everything else about this autograph is spot on to me. What do you all think?

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That signature seems very unusual and appears signed twice? Did someone sign over a preprint or? Please point to exemplars you recognize.


It has been signed over. Looks like the pen didn't work the first time (which is why I absolutely HATE these modern trading cards with all that unnecessary gloss on them,) and it was signed over with a better pen. I try rubbing over these cards with an eraser several times before sending them off to prevent that from happening, but it still does from time to time. Finding those exemplars now. Thanks, Eric!

Hi Jeffery,

Can you show some recent examples that are by this hand? Perhaps all I am seeing are older SP's but from those the signature you posted appears problematic? I found one recent and it appears consistent with the others I am looking at.


The curved E.

The closed G.

Hello again,

 Those appear quite different than the one you initially posted.


I think it's ok. It does look a little odd, but my sense is that is due to a case of pen failure and then going over it carefully a second time.

In my experience, I have not seen Gibson use proxy signers.
Thank you, Steve. I might try him again using an index card some time later to protect against pen failure. I hate that these trading card companies of today feel so intent to put so much gloss coating on the cards of today. "Got to make it shiny so people will buy them!" Whatever happened to good old fashioned plain cardboard?

I hear you. Looks like he tried to use a rollerball. That's not going to work well on a high gloss card.

When I used to do TTM more often, and it was an item that I wanted a particular pen type, I would send along the pen I wanted them to use and invited them to keep it after using. It's worth an extra buck or two.

Hi again Steve,

I did what you suggested with Millvina Dean, I wanted a sepia vintage ink not neon felt tip or something, so I sent a find line sepia Sharpie and it came across as vintage fountain "enough" for the vintage photo.


I think I have another Gibson card, and I might try sending off to him again along with a Sharpie I don't care if I get back, like purple, or red, or green, etc. Thanks for always being a friend to the hobby. I'll keep letting you know who else comes in. Ever since I met John Blaha in 2014, I have just been fascinated with learning about and attempting to get autographs of these men and women of space.

Hi again,

I keep forgetting to mention the erasers you spoke of - some will be overtly scratchy and others can cause staining down the road. There are some pro restoration/framing suppliers, like aaronbrothers, who might offer what you need. Were it me I would look for something vintage and more easily signed that no one else will have and doesn't require "sanding".

Good Luck!


My pleasure, Jeffrey. Thanks for your interest in space!



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