This Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic was used in several different scenes on the set of Ed Sheeran’s upcoming video as the talent/lead motorcycle on 7/31/21 from approximately 7:30 am to 6:47pm. The motorcycle was driven by Emilio Rivera with Ed Sheeran as the passenger.They both were kind enough to sign it afterwards.I have pictures and a short video of them on the bike while on the set. Anybody care to put a value to it ? 0CA32DE1-78E6-42B6-8C19-AC0A213B3921.jpeg

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Danny, please do not start threads and then pull them down because you apparently don't like the responses, especially when there is a discussion going on. It is considered rude. We also don't close discussions.

You had asked me where to auction it - I have no idea where to auction this or who would even accept it. As was said, I don't think it will bring much of any premium. No one is going to drain and shelve a $19K bike because of those autographs (Rivera is $50 certified) and its appearance in a very recent music video, especially when you can buy a Beatles set, a Hendrix etc. and have change left over. 

Thank you.

  First off Eric this is all greek to me. I did not even know what a “thread” was until I looked it up. Unlike you I do not spend time on these sites, matter of fact this is my first time. It was not intentionally “pulled down”, I was trying to remove the photo of Ed Sheeran that I decided was not a good idea to post since the video has not been released yet. I am not by no means a rude person and believe I have been very respectful to this site. 
  As far as it being “pulled down” because of me not liking the responses you are so wrong. The only people that responded was you and a guy named Joe who only wished me good luck. Which means the only actual opinion was yours. If you really think I would tuck my tail and run because of a person’s point of view you are sadly mistaken. As I stated before let’s agree to disagree. Maybe you should consider not jumping the gun so fast on a newbie.

"...The only people that responded was you and a guy named Joe who only wished me good luck. Which means the only actual opinion was yours..."

That is just not true. Joe W also did not think it would bring a premium. He said "...It's cool they signed it but I would not believe this adds much additional value to the bike..."

We both wished you well with your auction. I still do. I said "...apparently..." because I had no idea why you pulled it. Folks do pull down threads for the reasons I stated and that is what it looked like. I am wrong - then I apologize.



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