US album is available right now on US website 

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Thank you!

Are these artcards like the UK ones? The US description makes it seem like a signed sleeve, but the graphic for the box set which also includes a signed CD specifically says that it comes with an artcard.

I think it’s a CD ALBUM like Taylor swifts. They’re good friends so I feel like it’ll be like Taylor swifts signed CD!

I have been waiting for the Bad Habits CD single for a long time! You are right about them changing the release date constantly!

Same here! They changed the release dates of my orders at least twice. From September to October and then to November

Got a shipping notification yesterday for the signed one i preordered 

Its an ugly cover.  You will hardly see the signature unless done perfectly

Exactly! for that reason and the shipping issue stated above, made me hesitate to not buy another one. I don't know who is his graphic/marketing rep but those album/song/cd art covers of his are just horrible. How about the one dressed up as a glam vampire?

Ed also tested Positive for Covid a couple of days ago--

does that mean we should quarantine/disinfect any shipments that might arrive in the near future...?

(they're probably fine, I know)

Since he's isolating, wish he'd go back and sign some previous albums too, as he'd get some additional web sales, I'm sure (but I doubt that happens).

There have been studies on this. Covid can live on cardboard for 10 hours. Metal and plastics for 7 days. There are many other variables that would decrease these numbers like temperature. Its not impossible for it to happen, but unless these are shipped the day they are signed, I doubt there is any chance at all. I would worry about regular mail in general before being concerned about autographed items from celebrities with covid



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