I have had this since 2013. It looks good to me but I would really like to hear someone else who has some more experience to take a look.  Thanks for your time!

P.S. this is not to sell it, I just want to know what I have. Thanks again!

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It looks close, but it would definitely be worth paying for a quick opinion - which is quite cheap to do - from ACOA or one of the other main authenticators. Now that Eddie has passed away he will be remembered & celebrated in the same vein as Hendrix. So anything signed by him will be highly collectable now & if it is good, it would be worth getting it fully authenticated & listed. 

Absolutely! I just wanted to get some kinda feel from people with better knowledge than me before I get it authenticated.

Im in the process of getting a full letter of authenticity from ACOA. I appreciate you pointing me to them.

That's great Bret, I'm glad it helped. 

It is very unlikely to have been signed in 2013.  That being said, I do not believe that is authentic.  Please keep us posted, Bret.

I bought it in 2013. It has already been pre certified with ACOA. Im in the process now of getting it fully authenticated.  Im guessing that it was signed in the 90s.

An “E” and “d” that contain not one line that runs parallel in the slant with another, and also intersect.  An “l” with a tremendous loop.  A full oval and rounded underscore that extends beyond the signature.  It is also very crowded.  The “V” looks pretty typical to me.  I agree that it resembles his autograph style from the 1990s.  I just disagree with Bjarne on this one.  I would be interested to see the exemplars that were used to compare it with.  Sorry, Brett.  I hope that I am wrong.

I dont know enough to judge his stuff. It looked close and for the price I was willing to chance it. I dont know if it will fail after the physically inspect it.

It is very close, and probably worth the chance you took.  I also like the “d”s.  Best of luck, Bret.  Sorry I misspelled your name in my previous reply.

Yes sir! Thanks for your help too!



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