This Christmas card is from Elizabeth Taylor. My brother and father worked for her in the 1970's and 1980's. It has the "Madonna" painting from her Augustus John collection. I'd like to determine if it's an autosign and if not, I'm interested in a value.

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It doesn't look like live ink to me. Preprinted maybe? Don't really have any knowledge she used an autopen.

It's addressed with live ink but that was probably a secretary. 

I am talking about the card itself. It looks like the signature is part of the card. 

+1 is that live??

I'm not sure what you are referring to +1. It's addressed to my brother with live ink. I don't know her writing but it was post marked Los Angeles in 1988. I've seen that she usually did that extension of her "r" at the end of her name and each letter on the envelope is extended like that. I didn't know her but she knew my father and brother very well. She personally autographed a photo of herself for my mother which is why I thought this would be a live signature as well. 

The envelope is likely addressed by her secretary or designated person. If you Google Elizabeth Taylor Christmas Cards and look at their images section you will find most of her Christmas card signatures were printed or stamped. Because of the many she sent out that would be a reasonable assumption.

As for a signed photo, without seeing it, she probably added a personalization or salutation of some kind. She did sign autographs frequently.

Here is an example with a stamped signature.

Makes sense. It's printed or stamped. Here's the one for my mother. Thank you for your help. 

I look forward to seeing the picture signed to your mother. Elizabeth was an autograph collector herself and she enjoyed signing for her fans.

That's a real beauty! Is that an 8x10 photo or larger?



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