Can anyone say if this autograph is real?

I obtained it via online auction years ago. It is supposedly from 1948. The auction information said it came from a collector's notebook that had other autographs on it.

I liked it because I wanted an early autograph and 1948 seemed very early in her career (she was about 16 at the time).

I am quite familiar with her signature. However I am more used to see autographs at a later stage in her career, so maybe she had not 'perfected' this yet, or maybe her signature changed. I would like to think it is real.

What are your thoughts?

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IMO this would be authentic - I’ve probably spent more time and money on bad signatures here than anyone else so I am pretty good at spotting a real signature. You can always go to thecead site for verification. 

Thanks, I'd like to think that it's real too. The only thing that threw me off is that the way she's written the 'th' at the end of 'Elizabeth' , looks like she missed it or just scribbled it. Maybe she was in a hurry, but maybe that adds to the authenticity of it.


Are you saying the autograph is on the back of that photo? Is that a picture of a 16 yr old Elizabeth Taylor?

That 4x5 color portrait is from Time magazine by Philippe Halsman, taken in October 1948.

This is an album page paired with the photo?

No, the photo was just sent with the autograph. She only signed on a piece of paper. The photo is probably circa 1950-51. She had long hair in 1948 and she was only 16. IN the photo she looks more mature.

So yes, an album page paired with the photograph. It was indeed taken in October of 1948 by Phillippe Halsman. One is in the MOMA. It was published Februry 21st, 1949. 70 years tomorrow.

MOMA 1948 Halsman Taylor

The story of the photograph:

The 1948 Halsman Taylor Photograph

"...In October 1948, Taylor — who was only 16 at the time — arrived in a low-cut dress at Halsman’s New York City portrait studio, which still exists today and is now home to the Halsman Archive. “In my studio Elizabeth was quiet and shy. She struck me as an average teen-ager, except that she was incredibly beautiful,” Halsman reflected in his book Halsman: Sight and Insight...."

RE hair in/after October 1948, when the photo was taken...

"...After my session with Halsman, I was much more determined to control my screen image. I wanted to look older so I insisted on cutting my hair. In 1949 I went from portraying Amy in Little Women, another child-woman to playing a full-fledged romantic lead in The Conspirator. At barely seventeen, I grew up for all America to see..."

No, sorry, I didn't explain it. This is the photo from the online website. Perhaps I should have taken one of my own instead. The autograph is just in a piece of paper, looks like a page ripped from a notepad or something like that. The information from the auction said the collector had this notebook and each page was signed by somebody and instead of selling it as a whole they split the autographs. She did not sign the photo (although it was sent with the autograph. I think the photo was just shown as a reference. I think the photo is from a little later, maybe 1950 or 1951.

It was from an autograph album then, as suggested. The photo is perfect - just a few months before the signature. I would suggest finding a vintage photo if this is not. 




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