Jumped on this one like I'd been shot after missing on Grohl yesterday.

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I cannot believe that I bought one a moment ago and having it sent to a UK friend! :-D

I have an extra signed Coldplay CD (USA only) if anyone wants to trade a signed Elton (UK only) for it. We can cover our own shipping. If interested. :)

I’ll trade a Coldplay for one of these

Also looking to trade a Coldplay for one of these

I made an order about 45 minutes ago to a UK address and it came out as complete and already charged my card the few bucks, but I did not get a confirmation email. Is this normal or should I be worried?

no email here either...

Confirmation email finally came through this morning!

If anyone wants to sell me a copy and ship to Belgium, that would be awesome :-)

If anyone needs here has an extra, I’ll trade Coldplay and $50 for it

Just received my dispatch email, so hopefully it’ll be here soon!

Me too

Grr. I'm the OP and mine hasn't shipped yet! Surely I should have been first in the queue. ;)


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