i bought that framed Photograph seven years ago from the son of the actual owner in Vienna.

the signature is hand written but is it genuine Elvis ? does someone have knowledge of that kind of framed photos from Germany ?

it would be of great help, thank you :)

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Sorry, this does not look real to me. Possibly one of the Hans Baker forgeries. He was a well known Elvis forger and a lot have fooled people. The stamped/printed army numbers on the back look like something he did a lot.

"the stamped/printed army numbers on the back look like something he did a lot" -

he did a lot ?? Richard that i wanted to learn from my post: are such stamped/framed items known and where can i see them ?? i searched the net several times but without success. if someone "did a lot like something" as you say i should find at least ONE !?

Sorry, not real and I dont think a Hans forgery.  He was better than this!  He fooled the experts.  Cant see this one fooling anyone.

Agree Steve - Hans was way better than that.. unfortunately.  


thanks for your thoughts, Richard and Steve. anyone else with different ideas regarding this item ??

of course i know there are high numbers of forgeries around but it's just strange to believe Elvis's fanmail from Germany has been handled that way (with a framed but forged signed photography). 

Poor quality drawn signature IMO.



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