i bought that framed Photograph seven years ago from the son of the actual owner in Vienna.

the signature is hand written but is it genuine Elvis ? does someone have knowledge of that kind of framed photos from Germany ?

it would be of great help, thank you :)

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Sorry, this does not look real to me. Possibly one of the Hans Baker forgeries. He was a well known Elvis forger and a lot have fooled people. The stamped/printed army numbers on the back look like something he did a lot.

"the stamped/printed army numbers on the back look like something he did a lot" -

he did a lot ?? Richard that i wanted to learn from my post: are such stamped/framed items known and where can i see them ?? i searched the net several times but without success. if someone "did a lot like something" as you say i should find at least ONE !?

Sorry, not real and I dont think a Hans forgery.  He was better than this!  He fooled the experts.  Cant see this one fooling anyone.

thanks for your thoughts, Richard and Steve. anyone else with different ideas regarding this item ??

of course i know there are high numbers of forgeries around but it's just strange to believe Elvis's fanmail from Germany has been handled that way (with a framed but forged signed photography). 

Poor quality drawn signature IMO.




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