Elvis Presley Signed Return To Sender 45 RPM - Opinions Please

I would appreciate Elvis collectors opinions on this signed Return To Sender 45 RPM Sleeve.  Is this an authentic Elvis Presley autograph?

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Ya know what? It looks good, but...this is going to sound crazy...it looks too good. I mean, it's not signed on his black hair, or somewhere where it's not as clear as the white collar. But it certainly looks just look all the authentic signatures I've seen (I also own a signed Elvis album)

Thank you Josh.  I think it looks good as well. 

To me it looks vertically compressed/elongated and oddly smooth/fluid, esp at the last. Perhaps the "E" is a bit odd as well, and the "P" and "l" appear to be the same height and interact in attack/slant. Relations appear strange. Just my .02.

I agree with "E" , it looks unusual

I agree with Eric, way too elongated and smooth for my liking. I have never seen another Elvis signature with these characteristics. Like Josh said...it’s almosr too good. Is there a back story on this ?  Coming from a reputable source ?

Is that a hesitation before the "s"?

Yup, a definite hesitation there !  Also, his normal pattern is a smooth transition from the S to the P (unless he does a complete break) and the bottom of the P should be more pronounced. Looks to me like someone tried to keep it smooth - but failed.

See the ring of wear what the inner vinyl has caused.  This takes decades to happen usually.  Zooming in, at no point on the signature has it been affected by this, no bits of it flaking off.  So you either believe the wear was there when signed and then it suddenly stopped (possibly vinyl was removed) OR has it been signed OVER the wear more recently??.....

Yup. Selective wear as well it seems. 

Sorry, but this looks not real. It is secretarial in my opinion. 

Hi Karsten, I don't know anything about his secretaries - I just thought it looked fake/forged. Can you determine which secretary? Did he employ a lot?

Secretarial means for example, one of his bodyguards -Lamar Fike, Red West- , but this one looks like it was signed by a female person. The signature is to smooth, signed to soft. Thats not Elvis. In my opinion.




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