Here is what appears to be, a very nice Elvis signature. Since Elvis isn't something that I deal a lot with, I need Opinions from those that really do, know his Autograph. Thanks as always....

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Boy, it sure looked good to me at first glance, but I don’t think Elvis signed it.

I agree , doesnt he usually squeeze his sig more together : "ElmsPresley" ?

This one is odd, as it has the first impression of being real. The “I” dot concerns me and the forward leaning “P”.

Very convincing done forgery if it may be.

Similar autographs passed like real in many good autographs auction... Elvis is a great problem... And never a good deal...

That ain't Elvis 

It looked very good at first glance and even at the second. The more I look the „P“ concerns me most. And the „l“ in ley is very big in relation to the first one. I have my doubts too. 

.I still don't understand what autograph of Elvis can be considered real without dub.

Maybe the first 1954/55 signed promo photos, signed by him and his band on back?? No??

What do you think??

I agree.  Those very early Sun era autographs are of a certain distinct style that forgers seem to shy away from.  Those early autographs are what I would be looking for if I was in the market

I believe this is genuine


I know you have a good eye for Elvis, so I'll look at it more


What did your buddy Roger Epperson say? I know he's good with Elvis

Here's another that sold at auction dedicated to Judy.

"Judy"  looks close to me -- how about you?


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