I got it as my birthday present,seens im the biggest fan. My friends bought it for me, so i don't know the price they payed. Is it real? Thank yoy

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No, I'm sorry but this is not genuine 

Thank you for your answer, can you tell me why? Or maybe should i ask for real authenticity? Maybe they can refund it? 

Every part of the signature is wrong, friend. Certain letters are longer than they should be, some are shorter than they should be. The letter sizes are all off and freddie very (very VERY) rarely ever signed on records. Albums covers, sure. Posters, photos and cds, yeah. But in all my 40 years of studying his hand, I've only seen 2 signed vinyls from freddie. Even taking into account the awkward signing surface, I still do not believe this item is genuine. 

Agreed. Looks like the mercury was made with just a bunch of up and down squiggles. Could this be from rare and signed? They usually have a ton of fake signed Freddie vinyl. 

Possibly, J. I havent looked at rareandsigned for a few months now but they were getting better with their fake Freddie's last I saw. They do tend to sign alot of vinyl singles. 

Will ask them where did they get it... hope this is not rareandsigned...:((( if it will be so,hope i can give it back...sh*t

It's a very kind gesture for your friends to want to give you a freddie signature. I hope they can get their money back. Freddie can be tricky and very very expensive. Please keep us updated on the return and refund if possible. And if you're in the market to buy a freddie, I'm not selling myself at the moment, but I'm always happy to help others find genuine pieces.

All the best 

Thank you a lot!

No problem, friend.

You can’t go wrong with help from Innuendo, he’s the best on Queen and one of the most helpful ”internet-friends” I have!

Good luck Iryna!

Thanks for the kind words, my friend! It's always a pleasure to speak with you

And Slovenia, the home of the great:



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